“Art is what
you can get away with”

Andy Warhol

“Art is what
you can get away with”

Andy Warhol

Art Valuation works independently to provide reliable Valuation and Consulting services for works of art and art collections. Advantageously combining expertise in art technology with historical analysis and specialised methodology in art market research, we have successfully completed major commissions for private sector clients and public sector bodies.

Art Valuation

About us

Art Valuation was founded by Angeliki Ntourou to provide comprehensive valuation and consulting services in the field of arts and antiques. With 10 years of experience in the art industry, we have professionally and scientifically handled a large number of certified valuations for various purposes, having as our main focus the highest level of service and excellent client care.

Continuous, professional development via training and participation in seminars of valuation bodies and associations (RICS, H.V.I, A.VA.G.), attendance of scientific conferences on conservation and art history, understanding of the art market, as well as daily involvement with the art market and developments in the scientific community, consistently ensure the highest level of service.

Our clients benefit from a wide network of highly experienced professionals. With our specialized collaborators we undertake comprehensive management of valuable movable assets:

  • Ecollection recording and management
  • Evaluation & value assessment
  • Eart market brokerage
  • Eprovenance research
  • Ehistorical research
  • Ephysicochemical forensic analysis
  • Elegal support
  • Ephotography
  • Econservation & restoration
  • Einsurance
  • Esafe handling, display and storage


Each case is handled with professionalism, scientific approach, confidentiality and respect for the client and the specific nature of each project. Priority is given to the Code of Conduct for Certified Valuers, the International Valuation Standards (IVS) and RICS core values based on integrity, responsibility, trust, high standard of service and respect for the client, the community and the environment.

Art Valuation by

Angeliki Ntourou MRICS

Chartered Art & Antiques Surveyor Min. of Finance
Art Consultant




Art Valuation conducts certified valuations for a wide range of valuation purposes that may arise in the context of personal property – art & antiques. Valuation purposes may include, but are not restricted to, the following:
  • Acquisition of property in order to build a collection or enrich your personal property
  • Disposition of property
  • Acquisition or disposition of property for investment
  • Business transactions
  • Insurance coverage for loss prevention / loss management
  • Fixed Assets Register for legal entities
  • Loan collateral
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Dissolution of marriage or business
  • Taxation (charitable contribution, gift tax, estate tax, casualty loss)
  • Estate planning, equitable distribution, and probate
  • Recording and valuation of artistic oeuvre for artist estates
  • Damage or loss due to fire, water or theft
  • Bankruptcy
  • Litigation



Art Valuation provides consulting services for clients who wish to acquire a unique work of art, create their own collection or enrich their personal property assets. Angeliki Ntourou, as an Art Consultant, through her daily engagement with the visual arts and the art market, guarantees the successful collection building, within a specific budget. Along with expert scientists and highly qualified professionals we undertake a holistic management care of your personal property. At Art Valuation we tailor our services to the nature and budget of both private and corporate collections.

Consulting services may include, but are not restricted to, the following:


  • Acquisition of valuable, unique works of art based on the aesthetics, needs and interests of the client, always aiming at the best possible quality-price ratio
  • Building, shaping and enriching an artwork collection for personal or corporate reasons
  • Building, shaping and enriching an artwork collection for investment purposes
  • Disposition of personal property objects on the secondary market
  • Recruiting and promotion of new artists
  • Holistic collection management
  • Preventive conservation
  • Display of private collections
  • Transport and storage of works of art and collectible objects
Published Writings


Article “Art Auctions: Why choose them”, magazine ‘Days of Art in Greece’, print edition, issue 15, March 2023
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Art Valuation is trusted by: